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10 Million Colors of Rainbow

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

It is important for a country to encourage and celebrate diversity. If diversity is supported, people living in that country recognize differences and learn to respect them. In this way we can live in peace and happiness.

First, as long as it is supported and celebrated people recognize differences and learn to live with them. Every individual has a right to life. Everyone is born equally as babies and no one can choose their language, race, skin color. If societies do not accept diversity – race, religion, beliefs- , it will harm humanity. For instance, hundreds of people died due to their differences from past to present. Additionally, it ensures that differences such as religion are learned and understood correctly. Learning to live with differences such as religion prevents chaos in society. This is important because people hate and ignore each other because of their religious beliefs. Secondly, it is important to support diversity because people in different cultures can only get to know each other's cultures in interaction. For instance, local cuisines ; the whole world loves an Italian pizza and restaurants around the world start to open. Then people start to get to know Italian culture. Furthermore, learning a different language allows us to get to know the culture of the countries speaking that language. Exchange programs and pen pals are a very good tool for interaction.Lastly, it increases the comfort of the society. For example the individual, whose differences are not oppressed, begins to live freely. The individual who is free is happy and thus the comfort level of the society increases.

When we look at nature, we see that diversity is in a system and balance. Then people can live peacefully by showing love, respect and tolerance to diversity. In my opinion we should respect differences and accept them as wealth because where there is no respect and tolerance, diversity cannot find its place. By recognizing each other's differences and respecting these differences, we become happy and liberated, so our level of well-being increases.

Elifnaz ÇELİK

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